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Access to GPS for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Access to the GPS: Training Videos

Access to the GPS for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities:
A Change of Scenery (Toni Waylor-Bowen, Ph.D and Jessie Moreau, M.Ed., NBCT)
The following videos require the Apple QuickTime player. Download the free QuickTime player.

  • Introduction - Toni Waylor-Bowen
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Question/Answer Non-Endorsement Statement
  • Law of the Land
  • Resource Guide
  • Differentiated Instruction: Water Cycle
  • Resource Guide Appendices
  • Introduction to GPS
  • Activities and Materials to Access the GPS
  • Alignment Spreadsheet
  • Access to the GPS Through Student Activities
  • Questions & Answers
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